Food & Beverage

Because this industry places the focus on food safety, CFI machine builders understand your critical needs and work with hygienic food and beverage equipment designed to minimize contamination.

Prevent Oxidation & Bacteria Growth

We recognize standards for food and beverage equipment are different from other industries.

CFI design engineers avoid pitted surfaces or negative spaces that can permit liquids to pool and provide a growth area for oxidation and bacteria. We recognize equipment needs to survive daily washdown with high pressure jets of water and caustic chemicals. We also take into consideration the environmental conditions that can be punishing with extremes of temperature and humidity.

Let our expertise to make sound equipment choices help guide you to the components that deliver safe performance and survive washdown conditions.

Food & Beverage Applications and Services

  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Components
  • Hydraulic Pump/Cylinder Repairs
  • HPU Upgrades/Repairs/ Replacements
  • Pneumatic Valve Upgrades
  • Hydraulic Valve Upgrades
  • Controls Upgrades
  • Filtration System Upgrades
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • System Troubleshooting

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We are Distributors For the Food & Beverage Industry

CFI distributes many high-quality motion control and fluid power products for the food & beverage industry

Industry Case Study

CFI Educates Customer On Cleanliness Levels & Fluid Conditioning

The customer required a NAS 6 for all top drives and BOPs repaired as a requirement by the end users. The customer had been unable to attain this level with other filter manufacturers after trying with several brands.