Patent 10,472,892, B1


PathFinder Rig Walking System

CFI’s self-contained PathFinder rig walking system allows you to focus more on production and less on disassembling and reassembling your rig.

Improve Rig Moves

Moving a land rig into position can be a time consuming and hazardous process for both equipment and people.


The PathFinder 600 rig walking system enhances rig safety by removing workers from the drill site and minimizing the amount of equipment that needs to be disassembled for movement.


PathFinder System Highlights

  • Patented* design can be sized for and retrofitted to any existing rig or other equipment.
  • Fastest system available with rig moves at up to 70 feet per hour.
  • Only power required is incoming 480VAC – no external piping.
  • Each foot is fully self-contained with an onboard hydraulic system designed for efficiency and built for reliability.
  • Wireless communication between walking pods and remote control seamlessly coordinates all walking, steering, and rig rotation movements.
  • Rig movements can be expanded to 8, 12, or more walking pods to synchronize ancillary equipment movement along with the rig.

*US Patent Number 10,472,892, B1

Divided Work = Multiplied Efficiency

The revolutionary PathFinder 600 rig walking system eliminates the maze of pipes and hoses associated with a large central HPU by putting highly efficient, compact HPUs directly at the point of work.

Each HPU features a designated onboard controller that communicates wirelessly with a central HMI and remote, allowing each HPU to automatically provide the correct output for safe rig movement. Once these HPUs are connected with three phase power, they can automate and monitor the walking process via a wireless remote. Also, if a rig foot requires overhaul, a spare can be swapped out and re-synced with minimal effort.

Motion Controls for Rig Walking Systems

Utilizing the latest in hydraulic, electronic, and remote control technologies, CFI’s HMI systems give operators a safe, simple to use, and reliable method for moving a rig exactly where it is needed.

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Enhanced Efficiency With Precise Positioning

The PathFinder 600’s unique HPU arrangement provides enhanced control of rig feet versus traditional rig walking systems, enabling a 360° range of motion at a less than 1° margin during rig moves. This allows the rig to turn about a specific target or move along an arc to approach the next drill site from the optimal direction.

Faster Rig Moves Through Synchronized Expansion

Rig moves don’t just involve the drilling rig, so neither should your rig walking system. The PathFinder 600’s decentralized HPU control allows the system to be expanded from the typical four walking pods to an array of eight or more fully synchronized pods. This revolutionary design allows for ancillary equipment such as mud shakers to move in concert with the rig itself, allowing for faster moves and higher productivity.


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