Actuator Exchange

You can rely on CFI for repairs and rebuilds for power generation actuators and our Actuator Exchange Program for more rapid return service.

Actuator Exchange Program

CFI is the largest Moog Industrial Distributor in North America. When problems arise, we can expedite your Moog turbine actuator needs through our Actuator Exchange program or by facilitating a factory repair. We work with you to deliver the equipment you need.

The Actuator Exchange program allows CFI customers:

  • Minimum downtime while receiving factory rebuilt turbine actuators and process valves. 
  • Actuators with the latest upgrades, factory warranty, and a substantial savings over purchasing a new actuator.  
  • Peace of mind knowing your repair has original factory parts and the item is repaired to original factory specifications.

CFI maintains an inventory of steam turbine actuators for use on GE 7FA turbines.


Support at Your Fingertips

For all the systems we design and manufacture, CFI provides:

  • Full detailed systems documentation
  • BOMs
  • COCs
  • Drawings
  • Other supporting documents

All are accessible 24/7 through our password‐protected customer portal on our website so operators in the field can access them when needed.

The CFI Difference

24/7 Customer Service

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can rest assured that we will be here to help whenever you need us.

Repair to “Like New” Status

Our team will work until your problem is fixed in its entirety, returning your equipment to like-new status so it’s ready to get the job done.

Custom Design & Build

Our team listens to your requirements and can design and build a solution to meet your specific application needs.

Industry Experts

We’re a technically competent team with a thorough knowledge of Fluid Power Services and Industrial Motion Control.

We’re Available 24/7:

Continued Support with Real People.


High-Quality Products

For all of your motion control and fluid conditioning needs.

  • Hydraulic Products
  • Pneumatic Products
  • ReadyPack HPU
  • Rig Walking System
  • Manifold Solution

Explore Products:

Hydraulic Products

Our Full-service Center Provides Durable Motion Control & Fluid Power Products

  • Fittings, connectors, pumps, sensors, valves, and more.
  • Fluid conditioning and filtration equipment.
  • Manifolds and subplates.
  • Accumulators and actuators.
  • Tanks and accessories.
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Pneumatic Products

Your One-Stop Source for Motion Control & Fluid Power Products

  • Pressure switches, tubing, valves, regulators, and more.
  • Flow controls flow meters.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Air Hose/ line accessories.
  • Fittings and connectors.
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ReadyPack HPU

Built to Meet Your Requirements

  • Industrial and commercial applications.
  • Built with the same rigorous standards as custom design.
  • Fixed and variable pump options.
  • Flow rates from 5 GPM to 50 GPM.
  • Pressures up to 3000 PSI.
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CFI Design

PathFinder Rig Walking System

Faster Moves, Higher Productivity

  • Moves in concert with all ancillary equipment.
  • Turns on target with 360° range of motion.
  • Controls walking, steering, and rotation via wireless remote.
  • Eliminates messy pipes and hoses by using multiple HPUs.
  • Reduces amount of equipment disassembly and reassemble.
  • Fastest system available with rig moves at up to 70 feet per hour.
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CFI Design, Patent 10,472,892, B1

FastBlock Top Drive Manifold Solution

Strong & Dependable Control Solution

  • Manifold populated with all components and thoroughly tested.
  • Zinc-nickel plated ductile iron prevents washouts and improves durability.
  • Manifold comes with full test reports and documentation.
  • Fully stocked and ready when you need it.
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CFI Design

Real CFI Results

Last Minute Repair Job Is Now a Premier CFI Service

A customer was having a major outage on their steam turbine and had forgotten to schedule the rebuild of 8 large cylinders with control packs. The outage was only 4 weeks away and the time frame for the work to be completed was 21 days.

CFI had never rebuilt this particular actuator, but we knew we were capable. We gave an estimate for the rebuilds and a promise to do the absolute best we could to complete the work on time. In 16 days, we completely overhauled these 8 cylinders, including re-chrome of the rods and barrels, and stayed on budget with our estimate.

THE RESULTS? These cylinders were in service 11 years with no issues before the customer became proactive and rebuilt them again. Today, CFI has the ability to turn these around, control pack included, in 3-4 days.