Oil & Gas Materials Testing Case Study

Valves Replaced to Address Pressure Levels Plus Saved Customer About $10,000



A high flow (300 GPM) and high pressure (6000 PSI) application for a single acting cylinder.


The customer was using four expensive servo valves as a stopgap measure to operate the cylinder. This system was not working properly as the cylinder was a three way application and not four way. This resulted in difficulties in achieving the appropriate pressure levels to accurately control the cylinder. Furthermore, this application required very high oil flows with strict tolerances on P/Q control at a pressure that exceeded the capabilities of most products currently on the market.

The Solution

Controlled Fluids recommended that the customer use an Atos cartridge valve, which is a three way proportional valve specifically designed to control the single acting cylinder application that the customer was using.

Winning Applications

Specialized replacement valves allowed for pressure control and precision control that previous, more expensive valves couldn’t match

The Results

The customer replaced four expensive servo valves with one specialized valve that provided precise flow and pressure control required for the operation. This new valve allowed the customer to control their single acting cylinder with far greater precision, ease, and cleanliness than with the previous four valve system.

Furthermore, by consolidating the control processes of four expensive servos into one valve, the customer was able to save around $10,000.