To assist you with fluid conditioning requirements, CFI maintains a large fleet of rental equipment with the latest models and technology available, plus monthly rental programs and “Lease to Own” options.

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Compact Filter Unit

This portable Compact Filter Unit is designed for small gearboxes or reservoir conditioning and fluid transfer.

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Key Features

Pneumatic driven pump option available

Pneumatic driven pump option is ideal for explosion proof environments, material delivery systems, and conveyers with many small gearboxes.

Reduced fluid processing times

Configuration of two elements in the series reduces fluid processing time and allows balanced use of high efficiency glass media that can be combined with water removal capabilities.

Compact & portable design

Unit designed for use in limited space operations where weight and portability are key.

Vacuum Dehydrators

The VUD and V1 series vacuum dehydrators rapidly remove free and dissolved water from a wide range of hydraulic and lube oils.

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Key Features

Available in 1 GPM, 5 GPM, 10 GPM, 20 GPM, and 45 GPM models.

Achieve and maintain water levels down to 10 PPM for any sized reservoir.

Includes explosion proof and non-explosion proof models.

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Filter Carts

CFI filter carts include unique DFE rated filter elements to condition hydraulic fluids with double filtration with each pass through the filter cart.

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Key Features

Wide range of media options.

Choices include stainless wire mesh from 146μ to .5μ, water removal media, and varnish removal media.

Flow rates of 5 GPM, 10 GPM, and 22 GPM plus a wide variety of power options.

Ideal for hydraulic fluid conditioning and cleaning oils during fluid transfer.

SVR Skids

Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR) skids prevent and remove varnish deposit formation in lube oil by removing oxidation by-products as they are formed and while they are still in the solution.

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Key Features

Addresses the primary cause of varnish.

Removing soluble varnish feedstock addresses the primary cause of varnish before varnish deposits can form.

Restores solubility of oil.

SVR restores solubility of oil by removing the soluble varnish contaminants and enabling the oil to chemically remove previously formed varnish deposits.

Expect a longer oil life and minimize the need for costly oil replacements.

Once the SVR has removed varnish from your system, you can expect a longer oil life, minimizing the need for costly oil replacements.

Particle Counters

The IOS Particle Counter is an innovative solution for easily measuring the quality of fuels and hydraulic oils directly from a reservoir.

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Key Features

Compact, portable, and self-contained.

Simplifies field analysis for a variety of industrial applications.

Advanced laser detection system.

Laser detection system allows for quickly delivered precise counts on water and particulate contamination down to 4 microns.

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ECR Skids

Electrostatic Contamination Removal (ECR) systems capture sub-micron carbon-based particles that are the by-products of hydraulic and lube oil thermal degradation.

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Key Features

Return phosphate ester fluid back to its original color.

ECR returns phosphate ester fluid that has turned dark back to its original color in hydraulic or lube oil.

Remove sub-micron particles.

ECR Skid uses a high voltage electrostatic field and proprietary collector elements to eliminate the sub-micron particles.

Ideal for steam turbine EHC systems with dark fluid.

Hydraulic Power Units

Whether you need a lot of power or a little, CFI has on demand HPUs to get you back to work with 50 HP and 5 HP options available.

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Key Features


  • Flow Rate: 38 GPM
  • RPM: 1800
  • Horsepower: 50


  • Flow rate: 4 GPM
  • Reservoir 250 gallons
  • Max Pressure: 1500 PSI
  • Horsepower: 5

High-Quality Products

For all of your motion control and fluid conditioning needs.

  • Hydraulic Products
  • Pneumatic Products
  • ReadyPack HPU
  • Rig Walking System
  • Manifold Solution

Explore Products:

Hydraulic Products

Our Full-service Center Provides Durable Motion Control & Fluid Power Products

  • Fittings, connectors, pumps, sensors, valves, and more.
  • Fluid conditioning and filtration equipment.
  • Manifolds and subplates.
  • Accumulators and actuators.
  • Tanks and accessories.
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Pneumatic Products

Your One-Stop Source for Motion Control & Fluid Power Products

  • Pressure switches, tubing, valves, regulators, and more.
  • Flow controls flow meters.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Air Hose/ line accessories.
  • Fittings and connectors.
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ReadyPack HPU

Built to Meet Your Requirements

  • Industrial and commercial applications.
  • Built with the same rigorous standards as custom design.
  • Fixed and variable pump options.
  • Flow rates from 5 GPM to 50 GPM.
  • Pressures up to 3000 PSI.
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CFI Design

PathFinder Rig Walking System

Faster Moves, Higher Productivity

  • Moves in concert with all ancillary equipment.
  • Turns on target with 360° range of motion.
  • Controls walking, steering, and rotation via wireless remote.
  • Eliminates messy pipes and hoses by using multiple HPUs.
  • Reduces amount of equipment disassembly and reassemble.
  • Fastest system available with rig moves at up to 70 feet per hour.
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CFI Design, Patent 10,472,892, B1

FastBlock Top Drive Manifold Solution

Strong & Dependable Control Solution

  • Manifold populated with all components and thoroughly tested.
  • Zinc-nickel plated ductile iron prevents washouts and improves durability.
  • Manifold comes with full test reports and documentation.
  • Fully stocked and ready when you need it.
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CFI Design

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