Steel Industry Case Study

Unique Connection Bridges Accumulation Table With Other Valves

The Problem

Due to the wiring on the accumulation table’s electric connections, Rexroth directional valves were the only valves that could operate with the system.

Also, the customer faced lead time ranging from 18-30 weeks to order replacement valves from Rexroth in Germany. To reduce the risk of not having spare valves available when needed, the customer resorted to ordering ten valves per order to maintain a stock of available spares.

The Solution

To circumvent the issues posed by the accumulation table’s unique electrical connections, Controlled Fluids created a connection that could serve as a bridge between the accumulation table and other valves. This custom electrical connection would allow the customer greater flexibility with directional valves that could be used with the accumulation table.

The custom electrical connector provided the customer with a degree of freedom that they had not yet experienced

After the addition of the new electrical system, the customer was no longer dependent upon purchasing valves from overseas and could now use domestically sourced directional valves.

The Results

This flexibility has allowed the customer to greatly reduce the costs associated with ordering spare valves as they are able to save money on import fees. Furthermore, instead of facing lead times of up to thirty weeks from Germany, the customer can now expect lead times of around six weeks by purchasing valves domestically.

This drastic reduction in lead times has the additional benefit of giving the customer the flexibility to not maintain large stocks of spare parts, which has reduced costs associated with warehousing spares.