Oil & Gas – Drilling Case Study

Chinese Manufacturer Needed HPUs for Rigs Built In China



Newly designed 300 HP hydraulic power units that the customer needed for use on drilling rigs that were being built in China.


Although the actual drilling rigs were already under construction by a Chinese manufacturer, the customer needed a manufacturer that could produce the HPUs that would power the hydraulic operations on the rigs.

The customer had the specifications of the 300 HP hydraulic power units that would be used on the drilling rigs but allowed CFI to bid against a Chinese manufacturer to build the HPUs.

The Solution

Controlled Fluids offered a degree of product quality and reliability that the Chinese manufacturer could not match.

Although the Chinese manufacturer was able to bid a lower price for the hydraulic power units, they could not compete with Controlled Fluids in terms of strength of design, product quality, and reliability. Based on the superior quality product, the customer awarded the HPU contract to Controlled Fluids.