Oil & Gas Case Study

Superior Filtration Solution Needed for New Rig Design



Filter elements for use on hydraulic power units.


The customer had designed a brand new rig design and needed a filtration solution that cleaned oil to a very stringent ISO level, had elements that would last at least one full year on a single change, and offered the lowest pressure drop due to the very low system pressure.

The Solution

Controlled Fluids, Inc. presented a filtration solution that had superior cleaning abilities and offered a much lower pressure drop than the filters offered by our competitors.

Winning Applications

A custom bypass module offered a better minimum pressure drop than compared to the competition.

The Results

The customer achieved lower particle counts than the competition by using CFI’s filtration process. We also designed a custom bypass module that offered a minimum pressure drop of 12 lbs. compared to the competitor’s minimum pressure drop of 25 lbs.