Phoenix Mast Raise Automation System

Minimize risks and improve safety during a rig up with CFI’s consistent and synchronized cylinder control solution.

Rig Up Efficiency & Safety

A few tons of equipment suspended during a rig up can mean danger for people on the ground through the risk of falling objects.To prolong the mast raise sequence also places additional strain on the mast’s structure and hydraulic lifting cylinders, producing a higher chance of injury or rig damage.

Consistent and synchronized cylinder control can help minimize potential risks during a rig up. This integrates the telescoping cylinders’ internal positioning sensors with a human machine interfaces package. The Phoenix Mast Raise Automation System optimizes cylinder scaling and performance by improving communication between the lifting cylinders, hydraulic power unit, and control interface.

This control package results in more consistent and synchronized control of the mast raise cylinders to less than one inch variance between each cylinder. It allows the rig up to be completed quickly by reducing cylinder positioning differentials that can stall the mast raise sequence.

Automation & Human Machine Interfaces

By synchronizing the lifting cylinders and providing a central point of control, the whole mast raising sequence can be operated by one person, thus minimizing the amount of people required to complete a rig up.

In addition, the human machine interface and respective wireless remotes means operators can control the overall sequence from a safe location should anything go wrong. The end result is enhanced worker safety and reduced risk of rig damage through an expedited mast raise sequence.

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